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I'm a "self made" musician.

Spatial audio and head tracking in Ableton Live – and it’s not expensive

XP for Ableton Live delivers a complete real time spatial audio experience inside Live for just 80€ – and it now does head tracking with hardware as accessible as this £69 Head Tracker hardware.

xp4l is a powerful-looking, totally visual spatial audio solution for Ableton Live users, powered by the superb Ircam Spat~ library. (Nothing else to buy – it’s all prepackaged – though you do need a compatible version of Live and a Max for Live license.)


At various times over the past year, it appeared that TikTok and its parent company ByteDance were slowly morphing into something that resembled a record label.

We made this observation a few months after TikTok publicly launched its ‘SoundOn’ marketing and distribution service, and once again following our discovery that ByteDance was hiring for label-style A&R roles.

Listen to Paul McCartney’s isolated bass on Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

He is, to state the obvious, a legend. The bass guitar player for no less than the most successful band of all time and writer of so many classic songs that he makes the output of of most modern day songwriters look meagre by comparison. This is a man who changed the course of popular music, and took bass guitar playing to a completely new level.

AI-powered tool Auto-Instrumental from Chordal and AudioShake creates on-demand instrumentals

Auto-Instrumental uses AI to recognise, isolate, and extract different components in a piece of audio, Chordal and AudioShake have teamed up to create Auto-Instrumental – a tool which uses AI to provide instant creation of instrumentals for a range of purposes.