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Listen to Paul McCartney’s isolated bass on Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

He is, to state the obvious, a legend. The bass guitar player for no less than the most successful band of all time and writer of so many classic songs that he makes the output of of most modern day songwriters look meagre by comparison. This is a man who changed the course of popular music, and took bass guitar playing to a completely new level.

The Dark Side of the Moon en Atmos : une expérience inédite

À l’occasion du 50e anniversaire de The Dark Side of the Moon, le mythique album des Pink Floyd fait peau neuve avec un nouveau mixage en Dolby Atmos. Une édition hautement immersive proposée en Blu-ray dans le coffret The Dark Side of the Moon 50th Anniversary Deluxe et en écoute sur Apple Music et Amazon Music.